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(Generates High Standard Nursing Personnel)




Capital Academy of Nursing has been established with the objective of educating the downtrodden boys and girls especially living in remote areas to make them professionally trained in order to enable them to contribute their remarkable learning for safety of the society. In this crucial technological moment, it is absolutely necessary to adopt latest methods in nursing education. The restless efforts of the institute are to set up a bright future of the students, which will make them valued citizens. The horizon has expanded widely with never ending staff shortage and off course not ignoring the demands “at home”. A nurse's role in future will undergo rapid changes especially in the corporatized health care industry.


We are committed to develop this institution in the field of nursing education that benefits to all categories of students which aims to provide knowledge and skill among students along with research temperament. The inspirations from all sources have encouraged us to fulfill our vision.  Hope the same will continue in the coming days.


I appeal all to join us in order to make use of the available resources for its expansion. 

Sharat Chandra Biswal